• 2017 has been a busy one. He wrapped up year 3 with iHeartMedia's 1029 The Lake endorsing their clients and needs. Nathan continues to produce and voice the testimonial TV commercials for Christenbury Eye Center. He just finished another set of Continental General Tire online dealer training videos as the on-camera talent, and he is the voice of MORSCO's training videos too. Be sure to look for Nathan on WTVI PBS Charlotte. He's a frequent guest host during special programming & pledge time. 

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NATHAN's charm and easy presence has made him a popular host, emcee, and spokesperson for events, conferences, training, and businesses like Husqvarna, FreightlinerSearchExchange Internet Conference, BMA Carolinas, American Advertising Federation, and many more. 

He's found traction over the past eight years in the burgeoning web market as an on-camera talent for those needing compelling content; the maturity to lead an audience with authority, conversation, and the ability to translate technical information into laymen's terms - teamed with plenty of topical reference and humor...if the job requires it.

Adding to his value, NATHAN is a marketing and branding pro by trade with over 20 years of B2B and B2C experience which gives any project he's involved in the assurance that he "gets" the bigger picture; time, money, the target, the product, and the connection to the viewer. He credits his early career in the fast paced radio industry for initially developing his promotions and marketing acumen. Over the course of his career he's been effective serving in key roles; on-air host, producer, sales, promotions, and marketing.

To learn more about how NATHAN can help your next talent project, drop him a note HERE or call 704.572.0439

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